BREAKING NEWS – Cannabis to be Rescheduled on 1st November…

img_0180The Government has finally set a date for when cannabis based medicinal products, including tetrahydrocannabinol, can be offered to patients on prescription – for the official publication click here.

However, you shouldn’t necessarily expect to see it being prescribed for cancer patients anytime soon…

Even with:

  1. The dramatic shrinkage of William’s tumour (and his continued good health)
  2. Our fight for more research funding – including proposing and helping fund a £100,000 research project
  3. William’s case being featured in an academic paper

AND even though there was nothing preventing doctors prescribing it to him since it is already legal (under the same pharmaceutical “specials” scheme that other cannabis based products are now going to be placed under), we still aren’t able to get Cannabidiol (CBD) on prescription because there isn’t enough evidence hence hospital authorities won’t justify the cost (currently just over £200 per month)!

Please consider signing our petition so that we can persuade government ministers to listen to our case for cannabis and cancer – we’re currently less than 400 signatures off 10,000!

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