altCR’s First Supporter!

I’m over the moon – Alternative Cancer Research has its first supporter – a huge thank you to Lisa for her support and for setting up her Fundraising Page to raise money for much needed research into the Ketogenic Diet and Cancer!

Whilst William’s well there’s not a great deal anyone can do to help – by supporting this campaign, not only are people helping other kids benefit from what William has been through – they’ll also be helping make sure that William has a better chance of beating his brain tumour should it start to grown again.

If you’d like to set up your own fundraising page, please click here and scroll down to “Create Your Fundraiser Page” – if you have an event you could be sponsored for, please consider using it to help us.

Children’s Cancer Run

We’ll be doing the Children’s Cancer Run this Sunday as a family – wee man William included!!

Obviously our funding focus is on Alternative Cancer Research although if you’d prefer to sponsor us doing this event, which is raising money for North of England Children’s Cancer Research, please consider making a donation here

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Dame Tessa Jowell

I just wanted to pay tribute to a lady who, instead of spending her last few months solely with her family, decided to shine a light on the socking lack of funding there is into brain tumour research.

It’s beginning to look like even more money is being made available for such research as a result of her efforts.  I just hope some of it filters down to childhood brain tumours, which can be very different to adult brain tumours and for which there is an even more shocking lack of funding.


#MakeWilliamWell #KetogenicDiet #Cannabidiol #Ependymoma #altCR

Can You Help?

If you’re reading this, depending upon how long you’ve been following William’s journey, you’ve likely already donated to or raised money for at least one of our campaigns, events etc. over the last few years…

However, I’m now asking for a little bit more than donations – I’d like you to think about whether you’d be interested in helping with Alternative Cancer Research. I’ve no need to point out why what we’re trying to achieve means so much to us…

What I’d really appreciate is a little bit of extra time and support from those of you who’d like to see Alternative Cancer Research fund projects that are going to help William and kids like him…

Please get in contact if you’d be interested in helping out – I’m not asking for hours of your time by any means – just a bit of time helping out with social media etc is all I’m asking….

If you are interested in helping out, please visit the following link to join a private Facebook Group for Alternative Cancer Research (altCR):

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Alternative Cancer Research

I wrote last year about setting up Alternative Cancer Research (altCR) and to be honest I haven’t really done much with it since then… until now…

I had been waiting for research proposals to be in place prior to fundraising for specific projects (like with the CBD Project) although this takes a long time and children with brain tumours like William do not have the luxury of time so I’ve made the decision to push ahead with fundraising anyway…

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the first two areas I am focussing on are Cannabis and the Ketogenic Diet.

Whilst William is continuing to do well it is all to easy to try and just sit back, enjoy life and forget what we have been through.  The truth is that I don’t know for sure whether it was the Diet, the CBD or both put William where he is today and nor do any of the experts.  All I do know is that more research is desperately needed…

With further research I’m confident that others will benefit from what we have been through so I’m asking anyone reading this to please consider supporting us however you can – be it through liking and sharing our altCR Facebook Page, making a donation or even setting up your own fundraising page using one of the links below.

I know there are tons of cancer charities out there but by supporting one of the altCR projects below you will know exactly where your money is going, plus I firmly believe that you will be directly helping William and other kids like him.

The Cannabis and Cancer Campaign

The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer Campaign

#altCR #MakeWilliamWell #Cannabis #KetogenicDiet #Ependymoma #Cancer