Another Stable Scan

Two years ago we were told our son William only had months left to live.  We started him on Cannabidiol and the Ketogenic Diet and his brain tumour shrank by two thirds.

We’ve just found out that his latest scan showed the tumour was stable!

Please help others benefit by signing this petition, liking and sharing.

Don’t be mislead by headlines saying cannabis is now legal for medicinal use in the UK – it is true that your doctor can apply for a licence but that is VERY different from saying it’s legal for medicinal use.

PLEASE help us keep the pressure on NOW when it’s most needed. We MAY have some political support but we need YOUR help to put our case to the Home and Health Secretaries.


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Government Latest – Released Today

Govt Latest

Government Guidance on Cannabis and Cannabis-based Medicinal Products

Most of the Guidance covers licence applications (which we’ll be asking our clinical team to apply for on our son William’s behalf) prior to the actual Review – the Review itself will be carried out in two parts:

  • Part 1 – will cover the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis and cannabis-based medicinal products
  • Part 2 – will provide an assessment based on the balance of harms and public health needs of whether cannabis and cannabis-based medicinal products should be rescheduled under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001

It is now more important than ever that the UK government is made aware of just how many diseases etc. cannabis and cannabis-based medicines can help – please help me take the message of how cannabis can help against childhood cancers to the Government by signing and sharing our petition (if you’ve already shared please share again):



Govt Latest

5,000 Signatures

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time so far to sign this petition5,000 signatures in 5 days – that’s amazing.

Lets Keep It Going

Although my MP, Alan Campbell, was impressed with the numbers raised when I met him last week, more signatures will give us a better chance of getting to sit down with the Home Secretary and/ or Health Secretary.

Just because they have agreed to do a review into medicinal cannabis, it does NOT necessarily mean the government is going to change ANYTHING.  The pressure needs to be kept up and with your support I’ll continue to fight for children with cancer.

Again, Why Childhood Cancers?

Aside from the reasons I have already given here and here, I believe childhood cancer should be given a voice in the current debate –  it would be easy for the government to to sign off on an approval for epilepsy and for that to be an end to the debate.  They need to be aware of the other diseases medicinal cannabis can help with.  Please continue to share this petition to give the most vulnerable members of our society a louder voice.


Meeting with Alan Campbell MP

My meeting today with Alan Campbell MP went very well. I felt he understood exactly what we are asking for and has agreed to pursue the issues we discussed with senior members of the government.

He was impressed with the number of signatures already generated and is keen to help spread awareness of the petition and understands:
1) the urgent requirement for more research into cannabis for medicinal use and
2) how important it is that children’s cancers are given greater precedence when it comes to research funding
Given his political experience it’s difficult to imaging having a better ally. Watch this space for further updates…
#Cannabidiol #KetogenicDiet #Ependymoma #MakeWilliamWell

Why “Childhood” Cancer

Another huge thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far – I never thought we’d break the 3,000 mark – lets see if we can get to 5,000 before I meet my MP tomorrow.

Looking back over the last couple of days I realized I haven’t been particularly clear about why I’m so passionate about childhood cancers. Well, until our son was diagnosed with a brain tumour I never realized just how poorly funded childhood cancer research is – the most striking discovery for me was that

only three drugs have EVER been developed for childhood cancers!

Childhood cancers are fundamentally different from adult cancers and thankfully they are less common (but by no means less devastating) which no doubt plays a role in the above statistic…

However, whereas adult cancers such as prostate and breast cancer have sufferers who have the ways and means to campaign for more research, childhood cancer sufferers can’t fight for themselves so I think they need all the support they can get.

As the legalization of medicinal cannabis in the UK is reviewed it will be all to easy for childhood cancers to fall through the gap just as they have with cancer research – this campaign has been started to make sure that children are given equal consideration.

This will hopefully also lead to a reduction in stigma and more of a willingness to carry out clinical research into cannabis which many children’s cancer research institutes are simply afraid to do, despite the huge amount of research which shows that cannabis can kill cancer cells.


Why Medicinal Cannabis for Childhood Cancers?

Thank You!

Firstly I’d just like to say how grateful we are to everyone who has signed the petition so far – not only that but the comments left have been so encouraging – thank you so much!

Our Story

For those of you who haven’t come across our story, we’re parents to William who was diagnosed with a high grade brain tumour in early 2014 when he was just 18 months old. He went through all the treatments that were available to him (surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy) but we were told two years ago there was nothing more the NHS could do for him and he’d have only a few months left to live.

We decided to start him on a Ketogenic Diet and a (legal) cannabis compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) – six months later, not only was William alive but his tumour had shrank by two thirds.  Two years on and so far he’s doing well.  We even persuaded our consultant to write a research proposal into Cannabidiol and helped fund it which is going on right now!

I’m not sure why but I’ve never shared these images before – here they are… MRI’s taken six months apart – the first being taken just before we started the Diet and CBD and the second showing the two third reduction.

So, why the campaign?

So many reasons…

  • Because it’s not available on the NHS, many parents won’t even think about using itif I can’t get it prescribed then it can’t possibly work
  • Those parents who do want to use it for their child are currently unable to obtain any form of cannabis oil, the quality of which they can trust unless they go private and pay an extremely high price
  • There is much evidence to suggest that the currently illegal elements of cannabis can also kill cancer cells i.e. Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • I’m personally aware of at least two research institutions which won’t research the illegal element of cannabis due to it’s legal status – hopefully a change in the law will help…
  • If the social stigma is lifted then more research can hopefully be carried out which could then lead to clinical trials and definitive proof as to whether cannabis compounds can kill cancer cells in the human body and not just in the laboratory

So if you haven’t already signed ad shared the petition, please do so by clicking here – in the light of everything that’s currently going on with Cannabis Oil in the press right now, I’ll be meeting my MP on Friday to ask him to have childhood cancers listed as diseases cannabis can be prescribed medicinally for and the more signatures we have, the more I hope he’ll listen


Medicinal Cannabis for Childhood Cancers

More than anything I’ve asked for before I’d really appreciate it if everyone who sees this signs up.  I’ll be seeing my MP on Friday and the more signatures I have the more I hope he’ll be willing to help.  Given how time sensitive this is, please can you just give a couple of minutes to help right now and click here or on the image below to sign the petition plus Like & Share on Facebook/ Twitter etc.


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