Brain Tumour Signs & Symptoms

It was around 4 year’s ago that we were noticing the symptoms in this film. We had to resort to attending A&E for William to be diagnosed after several visits to the doctor.

Please help spread awareness – brain tumours are pretty rare but you never know, someone who needs to see it just might…

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More Angry Than Sad

I’ve just been staring at this for half an hour on the tube after coming home from a presentation on Cannabis and Cancer…

My first emotion was sadness but soon enough it was replaced with anger – anger about how few treatments have been developed for childhood cancer (three in total!)…

When cancers afflicting adults receive the vast majority of cancer research funding, what hope is there for children struck down by this horrid and wicked disease, never mind those with a brain tumour?

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William the KetoStar

Matthew’s Friends were instrumental in getting William on the Ketogenic Diet and have been a trusted source of advice ever since – it’s hard to believe it has been almost 18 months since he started it alongside the CBD.

We, especially William, were delighted to receive this certificate in recognition of how well he is managing full time school.

More research is still needed so that parents can be confident that going down this difficult route is worth it – no parent wants to deprive their child of treats, especially once they’ve been given a poor prognosis…

Please keep an eye on our new website where we hope soon to give details on how you can make sure that persuasive research is published, giving parents this much needed confidence.

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Adrianne’s Run

It’s Adrianne’s run on Sunday where she’ll be raising money for the CBD Research Project at the Childhood Brain Tumour Research Centre. Please see

We’re so grateful for her support in raising funds and awareness. Our hope is that the more people are aware of our story, the more other children can benefit from what we’re going through.

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