Brain Tumour Symposium

Less than a week to go until the second ever UK Paediatric Brain Tumour Symposium and I’m still struggling to comprehend the fact that I’ll be sharing a stage with the likes of Prof’s Grundy and O’Sullivan, both of whom I have the utmost respect for

Although I have spoken previously about our journey, I am unbelievably nervous about the prospect of speaking in front of an audience of seventy people which will include parents as well as medical professionals

Hopefully my contribution will go some way towards making clinical trials into cannabinoids and childhood brain tumours happen sooner – if you would like to help then please consider making  donation to our Supporter Group


UK Paediatric Brian Tumour Symposium 2019

I probably wouldn’t have been up for this had William’s scan not been stable but I’m happy to say I’ll be presenting at this year’s UK Paediatric Brain Tumour Symposium in Nottingham

I attended the first ever one held last year and it was really informative.  This year topics include cannabinoids, the ketogenic diet and proton beam therapy so I guess it’s quite appropriate my being there to talk about William’s journey

I’ll post again nearer the time although there are limited places (it’s free to attend for parents and caregivers) so if you want to come along I suggest booking your place now by clicking here

Hope to see some of you there, Steve (William’s dad)


Stable Scan

Happy to be able to report another stable scan 6 months on from William’s third surgery

Wee man is back into his daily school routine and continuing to dumfound us all.  Chemo is still taking it’s toll although we’re hoping that there are synergistic effects happening between it and the alternatives we are continuing to use

Thank you again to all of you for your support – we genuinely don’t think we’d be where we are today without the generosity we have been shown

We’ll continue to campaign and fundraise so that other kids can benefit from the journey William has been through – watch this space for details of an event at which you’d be able to hear first had about our story…

Different Cannabinoids and Different Cancers

We have suspected for a while that different cannabinoids (CBD, THC etc.) have different effects on different types of cancer and this article supports that theory (it has been added it to the list of Academic Research Papers that we have been keeping on Cannabinoids, the Ketogenic Diet and Cancer)

We were over the moon when the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre agreed to carry out the Research Project into CBD and Childhood Brain Tumours that we proposed and helped fund – our suspicion that other cannabinoids might be important lead to our asking The Brain Tumour Charity if they would be willing to support research into other cannabinoids and that was the basis for why we agreed to start our Supporter Group to raise money for them

The full article can currently be found here


Generous Donation in Memory of Tommy

As well as to raise awareness and money for more research into childhood brain tumours, we set up Make William Well to provide a resource for other families going through this journey

As such, we receive regular requests for help and we do all we are able to. One of the hardest things about this, on many levels, is hearing back from parents who tell us that their child didn’t make it

We recently received such news from Todd and Becky, the parents of a young boy called Tommy, who had reached out to us previously for advice

On this occasion though they also told us about a fundraiser they had organised originally in Tommy’s memory and then also in memory of Michael Shiel (a dedicated supporter of theirs whose initial idea it had been to organise the fundraiser)

They managed to raise a phenomenal £3,044.48

We confirmed that 100% of all money donated through our Supporter Group is ring-fenced by The Brain Tumour Charity for research specifically into childhood brain tumours and this week the money was paid into our account

Tommy was an extremely brave boy, smiled ‘till the end, never let anything get him down and made his mummy and daddy proud beyond this world

We are humbled by how Tommy dealt with this wicked disease and in awe of his parents for holding such an event in his memory. We’re also grateful beyond words that they chose to donate it via our Supporter Group

If you would like to make a one-off donation or even set up something regular, please visit our Supporter Group Page and be generous so that children like Tommy stand a better chance

Interview with

It has never been easy talking about what William has been through to journalists, especially since we have been misinterpreted by the press in the past, although I’m happy to say I’ve been fairly represented here

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To read the article click here or on the image below

TheExtract Interview Post


A massive Thank You to all those who have liked our Facebook Page and stuck with it!

Every Like makes us feel more and more like what we’re doing is worthwhile and gives us the confidence to continue sharing our story and trying to help William and other kids benefit from what he has been through

So, genuinely, thank you so much for sticking with us – to help us celebrate it would be awesome if anyone who hasn’t already donated would support us in helping children with brain tumours by clicking here

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