Only Two Weeks to Go…

It’s hard to believe it was half a year ago when I signed up for this – since then the Cannabidiol Research Project proposal was written AND the project fully funded!

The Childhood Brain Tumour Research Centre are always looking to fund new research projects so donations are still welcome. In the meantime we’re working hard to fight for the legitimisation of so-called ‘alternative treatments’ – watch this space…

For the online versions of the article, which (as the Newark Advertiser always seem to be able to do) reflects our story really well, click here

Stable Scan

We had the results of William’s latest 3 month scan this week and we’re happy to report that there was no change from the last one. Although there’s something on the scan where the tumour was we’re hoping this is just scar tissue from the radiotherapy.

The photos are from William’s school sports day – hard to believe this time last year we were being told he only had 6 months left… I’d love to say we’ve got our lives back but the stress and anxiety is still ever present. We take nothing for granted and will continue to fight for more research.



CBD Research Project Fully Funded!

We are extremely excited to announce that the Cannabidiol Research Project has now exceeded its £100,000 target thanks to an extremely generous donation of £45,000 from Brain Tumour Action

Hopefully this represents the first step in a journey towards an alternative treatment option for kids with Ependymoma and perhaps even other individuals suffering from other forms of cancer

Needless to say, we’re grateful to everyone who has helped us reach the target be it through donations, taking part in events, helping spread awareness etc. since there’s no way we’d be here without you and organisations like Astro Brain Tumour Fund and Brain Tumour Action

There’s no doubt that there’s much more to be done and we’ll continue to campaign, fundraise, research etc. for William and other children like him