Hadrian’s Wall Walk

It might not come as a surprise to those who keep up to date with our blog but we’ve decided to put the Hadrian’s Wall Challenge back to the second bank holiday in August.

Is going to be an interesting period for me personally since I also managed to secure a place in the Great North Run which is a couple of weeks later!

The timing does, however, mean that we’ve got more time to find something worthwhile to raise money for – less than three months left ’till the end of the CBD Research Project… fingers crossed there’ll be something off the back of that we can support.

If you’re interested in taking part, please visit our Facebook Event Page and/or message me and I’ll send you a link to the WhatsApp group we’ve started.

Next Steps

Turns out there was some tumour left after the surgery so the risk of radiotherapy, given that he’s already had it previously…

Anyway, we’ve now started metronomic chemotherapy which is low dosage hence has less risk of toxicity.

Still continuing our other approaches which our consultant says will be fine when given alongside the conventional treatments…

Hopeful noises coming out of Nottingham in relation to cannabidiol research – hope to be able to report something soon, perhaps some more research people can help make happen soon…

In the meantime we’re continuing to make precious memories – wee man loves planting seeds – here’s hoping my amateur gardening advice will bear fruit…


On Friday William went in to have his tumour removed for the third time in 5 years. Given how it went the second time we were terrified how he’d come out of the surgery. With where the tumour was this time, though, the surgeon was able to go in a different route and it went much better – not only was he confident they’d gotten most of it but William came out with his breathing unaided – he kept telling us to keep quiet as he came around!!!

They weren’t able to do a scan on the day so we had to wait until Monday to find out for sure how it went… The surgeon came to see us later the same day and said the scans confirmed he’d achieved what they call a Gross Total Resection. However, they achieved this 5 years ago during the first operation and with just chemo it still came back.

Next step is to see what radiotherapy (which he couldn’t have the first time since he was under 3) will be available for him – given the fact it’s on the brain stem it will be particularly risky plus since he already had radiotherapy (after the second surgery when they couldn’t get it all out) this presents an additional complication.

In the meantime we’ll work on getting him back on his feet again etc. – he’s already well on the road back to being his usual cheeky self!

Tumour Growth

You’d have thought that after two years we’d be used to the rollercoaster of emotions that this wicked disease brings with it but the last two weeks have been particularly difficult.

A week last Monday we were told that William’s tumour had pretty much doubled in size over the last two months having been stable for almost two years.  Without the research that we have desperately been campaigning and fundraising for we have no clue as to why this could be – perhaps the tumour has finally found a way around the CBD, perhaps it was because we weren’t adjusting the CBD dosage as he was getting older… we just don’t know.

We spent a few days trying to let the news sink in having been told initially that there were a very limited number of experimental treatments that could be available, none of which looked very promising.

To our surprise we were then told at the end of last week that surgery would in fact be an option and yesterday met with the medical team to discuss the procedure.  Given how William came out of the last attempt to remove his tumour, we were terrified about the prospect of more surgery.  Also, with his type of tumour, he would need to undergo radiotherapy again which, given where the tumour is, brings other significant risks.

The most encouraging thing we learned yesterday was the fact that the surgeon can use a slightly different approach to last time and there is a chance that William might not be as badly affected this time.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make but the surgery is set to take place two weeks today.

Hadrian’s Wall Challenge 2019

Every year since William’s diagnosis we’ve organised some kind of sponsored event to raise money for charities we believe can directly help William and other children with brain tumours.

To mark him making it to five years since diagnosis (nope, we can’t believe it either!), we have decided to organise our most ambitious event yet – walking the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall – all 84 miles from the East Coast of England to the West Coast.

It’s still early days organising the event but at the moment we’re looking to do it during the first May Bank Holiday of 2019 so we’ll be starting at Bowness-on-Soloway on the West Coast on Saturday 4th May with a view to finishing at Wallsend on the East Coast on Monday 6th. At the moment we’re planning on camping along the way. At this stage, though, we’re open to suggestion.

It’s a very exciting but uncertain time for research into the area we believe will be of most help to William and kids like him so we haven’t decided exactly where any money raised will go but participants can rest assured that we’ll make sure, by the time it comes to raising money, everything raised will go directly towards the research we believe will help William and kids like him.

If you’re interested in taking part either as an individual or as part of a group, please get in touch. For updates you can follow our Blog, Facebook Page or dedicated Web Page. There’s also a Facebook Event Page.

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish all of William’s supporters a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It has been another rollercoaster of a year for us all and we would like to thank everyone for the many and varied ways in which you have helped, just like in previous years – we are truly humbled.

The photo is from William’s school play – hope you all get what you wanted from Santa!