In early 2014 our son William was found to have a high grade brain tumour.  After over two years of conventional treatment, including chemo, radiotherapy and surgery we were told that there was no more the NHS could do for him

We then started him on Cannabidiol and a Ketogenic Diet and his tumour went on to shrink by two thirds and was stable for two years before starting to grow again in early 2019

After the tumour reduction we proposed and helped fund a £100,000 Research Project into Cannabidiol in an attempt to find out what caused the initial tumour reduction – the project started in early 2018

We’ve now teamed up with The Brain Tumour Charity to make clinical trials into cannabinoids and childhood brain tumours happen which, given recent developments, is a real possibility…

  • Two years ago we campaigned for cannabidiol research to be carried out in the hope that clinical trials might happen
  • We made that happen and today want to make clinical trials happen now – to help, please donate