William Featured in Academic Research Paper

A year or so after William’s brain tumour shrank by two thirds further to us starting him on CBD and a Ketogenic Diet we agreed for his case to be included in an academic research paper and we’re excited to say that it has just been published (see link below).

OK, so we’re still struggling to get CBD funded for William on the NHS (please sign and share our petition if you haven’t already and hep us get to 10,000 signatures) and this paper won’t likely change that but we believe that things like this are a step in the right direction.

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We’re still fundraising for more research into other Cannabinoids, the Ketogenic Diet and Childhood Brain Tumours – if you’d like to donate directly towards this research, please visit our JustGiving Page which feeds into a Team JustGiving Page where we have already raised almost £5,000 in the last few months with the support of my employer Colas.

Report of Objective Clinical Responses of Cancer Patients to Pharmaceutical-grade Synthetic Cannabidiol

Although there are many research papers which demonstrate the effectiveness of various cannabinoids on various cancers in the laboratory, there aren’t many like this once which point to effects in humans.

I should point out that this paper has nothing to do with the research we proposed and helped fund last year (which is currently being carried out in Nottingham by the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre).

#MakeWilliamWell #Ependymoma #Cannabinoids #KetogenicDiet

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