5,000 Signatures

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time so far to sign this petition5,000 signatures in 5 days – that’s amazing.

Lets Keep It Going

Although my MP, Alan Campbell, was impressed with the numbers raised when I met him last week, more signatures will give us a better chance of getting to sit down with the Home Secretary and/ or Health Secretary.

Just because they have agreed to do a review into medicinal cannabis, it does NOT necessarily mean the government is going to change ANYTHING.  The pressure needs to be kept up and with your support I’ll continue to fight for children with cancer.

Again, Why Childhood Cancers?

Aside from the reasons I have already given here and here, I believe childhood cancer should be given a voice in the current debate –  it would be easy for the government to to sign off on an approval for epilepsy and for that to be an end to the debate.  They need to be aware of the other diseases medicinal cannabis can help with.  Please continue to share this petition to give the most vulnerable members of our society a louder voice.


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