Why “Childhood” Cancer

Another huge thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far – I never thought we’d break the 3,000 mark – lets see if we can get to 5,000 before I meet my MP tomorrow.

Looking back over the last couple of days I realized I haven’t been particularly clear about why I’m so passionate about childhood cancers. Well, until our son was diagnosed with a brain tumour I never realized just how poorly funded childhood cancer research is – the most striking discovery for me was that

only three drugs have EVER been developed for childhood cancers!

Childhood cancers are fundamentally different from adult cancers and thankfully they are less common (but by no means less devastating) which no doubt plays a role in the above statistic…

However, whereas adult cancers such as prostate and breast cancer have sufferers who have the ways and means to campaign for more research, childhood cancer sufferers can’t fight for themselves so I think they need all the support they can get.

As the legalization of medicinal cannabis in the UK is reviewed it will be all to easy for childhood cancers to fall through the gap just as they have with cancer research – this campaign has been started to make sure that children are given equal consideration.

This will hopefully also lead to a reduction in stigma and more of a willingness to carry out clinical research into cannabis which many children’s cancer research institutes are simply afraid to do, despite the huge amount of research which shows that cannabis can kill cancer cells.


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  1. Very passionate about legalising medicinal cannabis. Yes, if there has to be a priority, and if there was a shortage, children should be at the top as their cell production is so rapid, and quick, effective cures need to be used. However, priorities should not matter – we need to push for everyone to have access – both for life-threatening and minor problems. Production should be easy, readily available and inexpensive. Sufferers have been cruelly denied its powerful healing qualities for a disgraceful length of time. How can we know so much but not be allowed to act on it?

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