We are now a Supporter Group of The Brain Tumour Charity

We’re delighted to be able to announce that Make William Well has become a Supporter Group of The Brain Tumour Charity

Becoming a Supporter Group means that we can raise money for a cause we believe in without having to register as a charity – The Brain Tumour Charity has agreed to ringfence 100% of any money we raise though our donations page for use on research we want them to spend it on

Things have come a long way since we first proposed carrying research into cannabinoids over two years ago and we are extremely grateful to the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre for agreeing to write the cannabidiol research proposal which we pushed so hard for and helped raise funding and awareness to make happen

Our hope now is that this research can be built upon such that parents aren’t having to spend thousands of pounds and in some cases break the law on something that, provided it is found to be effective, should be available on NHS prescription

Please visit our Brain Tumour Charity webpage (which contains links to other useful pages on their website) and consider making at donation by clicking here

Also, watch this space for a couple of exciting developments we’ve got in the pipeline…


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