Ketogenic Diet Petition

As those of you who have been following William’s story will know, we believe it is either Cannabidiol and/ or the Ketogenic (low carbohydrate) Diet which gave rise to William’s brain tumour shrinking and his current state of health.

What many people will not realize is just how difficult it is to do the Diet – so many foods contain carbohydrates – from the obvious ones such as pasta and potatoes to the less obvious ones like carrots and apples.

As such it is extremely difficult to find foods which are suitable to eat on the diet and it is especially difficult to find ketogenic options to eat when eating out – as a minimum, people on the diet need to know how many carbohydrates (a macro-nutrient) are in a particular food PLUS low carbohydrate foods are rarely available.  More often than not it isn’t even possible to tell what is a high or low carbohydrate food/ meal.

What we are proposing is that:

  1. Ketogenic options are made available, be it in restaurant meals or supermarket foods, and
  2. All foods are broken down into their “Macro-nutrients”, i.e. Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats so that someone on the Diet can tell whether or not they can eat a particular food*

*Not only are carbohydrates restricted on the diet, so are proteins – it is also important to include enough fats.

We believe it’s also important to emphasize that not only can the diet help with weight loss, but it can also help with epilepsy and, especially in William’s case (and an increasing amount of research backs this up), it is believed to help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Click here to sign the petition

Keto Pet

#MakeWilliamWell #KetogenicDiet #Cannabidiol #Ependymoma

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