Medicinal Cannabis for Childhood Cancers

More than anything I’ve asked for before I’d really appreciate it if everyone who sees this signs up.  I’ll be seeing my MP on Friday and the more signatures I have the more I hope he’ll be willing to help.  Given how time sensitive this is, please can you just give a couple of minutes to help right now and click here or on the image below to sign the petition plus Like & Share on Facebook/ Twitter etc.


#NotJustChildhoodEpilepsy #Cannabidiol #KetogenicDiet #Ependymoma #MakeWilliamWell


  1. All the best with this i have fibromyalgia and chronic pain so this would be good for all of us

  2. Thank you Stephen for all you are doing it’s very close to our hearts,.and hope they legalise it sooner rather than later xx

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