Paediatric Brain Tumour Clinical Trial

It’s not often these come along and I’m delighted to see it is into the Ketogenic Diet…

“Ketogenic Diet in Children With Malignant or Recurrent/Refractory Brain Tumor”.

Not enough oncologists are aware of the link between diet and tumour growth and I know too many parents who have been told that diet has nothing to do with it. Hopefully this will go some way to changing that.

Now we need a research study to look into the effects of combining Cannabidiol and the Diet – we’re desperate for other kids to benefit from what William has been through and for;

a) any stigma surrounding Cannabidiol to be dispelled and

b) parents to have confidence that the diet, which is hard to administer to a child, could have an impact on their child’s tumour

#MakeWilliamWell #Cancer #Ependymoma #KetogenicDiet #Cannabidiol

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