Campaign Update

As mentioned previously, we set up our JustGiving page to help fund research into Ependymoma – the type of tumour William was diagnosed with.  The proposal we are currently looking to support will hopefully come up with a treatment option for William – you can read the full research proposal at:

Role of Epigenetic Modifiers in the Treatment of Childhood Ependymoma

The total cost for the project to proceed was just over £41,000 although thanks to the support of organisations such as The Sam White Legacy and those who have generously donated to our appeal the total now needed is £8,000

With events such as a Three Peaks Challenge, being organised by William’s Uncle, I’m confident we can raise the remaining money and help William and other children suffering from Ependymoma

If anyone else would like to do a sponsored event to help us reach this goal then please let me know and I’ll make sure any money raised goes straight towards the project – although I’ve not exactly got much left I’ll likely be shaving my hair off when William looses his again as a result of chemotherapy – would anyone like to join me?!?


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