Cannabinoid Clinical Trial

Absolutely thrilled to be able to share this – back in 2016 very few people had even heard of CBD and anyone who associated the words cannabis and medicine was more likely than not derided as a hippy wanting to legalise pot.

At Make William Well we proposed and helped fund the first ever research paper into cannabinoids and childhood brain tumours back in 2017 and were told at the time it would likely be a decade before a clinical trial could happen…

How things have changed! We started supporting The Brain Tumour Charity a couple of years ago since we wanted ALL cannabinoids (not just CBD) to be researched for their effects on brain tumours and were told personally by their CEO Sarah Lindsell that the charity would do everything possible to make this happen…

Even then I was sceptical… until the start of the year when I was told in confidence about this. Ok, it’s not focussing on childhood brain tumours but hey, I’m still blown away.

To have the guts to push for this in the face of a much biased public when it comes to medicinal cannabis is so brave and just goes to prove how the charity does exactly what is says it will do – speaks to those affected by a brain tumour and takes action

Click here for details

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