CBD Research Project – 12 Month Update

For anyone who hasn’t followed William’s story closely… after his terminal brain tumour shrank by two thirds having started him on CBD and a Ketogenic Diet, we proposed and helped fund a £100,000 research project at the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre into CBD and his tumour type – the project started in early 2018…

Almost 12 months on and the project “show(s) that we can kill tumour cells with CBD whilst the astrocyte population is unchanged”. However, Prof Grundy, who has been leading the research, has cautioned that “these results, though promising are very preliminary and there are a range of increasingly complex studies that need to be conducted to assess whether cannabinoids may have a role in treating children’s brain tumours”.

Despite the cautionary tone, it’s hard to contain our excitement at this latest development, not least because it means that our efforts to date have not been in vain. The next six months of this project will be critical but given these results and current events we are increasingly hopeful that clinical trials into cannabinoids and childhood brain tumours are increasingly imminent.

There’s much more to be done and we’ll be continuing to do all we can to make sure that childhood brain tumours aren’t forgotten as cannabinoids are increasingly being shown to be effective against cancer. Please watch this space for how you can help – in the meantime, please like and share our page and posts so as we can continue to spread awareness.

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