Savoury & Sweet Treats!

Savoury and sweet treats combined with our dress down Friday helped the office at Colas, Newcastle raise a record total of over £50 this week for the Childhood Brain Tumour Research Centre! Thank you so much to all those two baked, ate, laid and paid! For more information on our fundraising efforts, please click here

#MakeWilliamWell #Ependymoma #Cannabidiol #KetogenicDiet #CBTRC


  1. So sorry you’re going through this. We use a Synthetic CBD 5mg for 3 days then have a 3 day break. I’d also strongly recommend looking into the Ketogenic Diet. Happy to answer any questions you have

  2. Dear,

    I am writing You as a desperate mother. My Son is 5 year and has an ependymoom with metastasis in his brain. He have 2 spots in his brain wich can not be operations that’s what they say in Holland.
    Please help me i read an article that doctor Richard Grundy You helped A boy with CBD oil.
    Please need your advice can we come an visite You?
    You are my last chance.
    Please waiting for answer.

    Family Sanhaji

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