What is BRIAN? Please Sign Up!

Share your brain tumour experiences to help find a cure sooner…


Those of you who have been following us for a while will know how passionate we are about trying to help others benefit from our experiences with William – in particular how his brain tumour shrank by two thirds after we started him on Cannabidiol and a Ketogenic Diet.

We believe that it is important to use as many approaches as possible, from fundraising and campaigning to sharing new research and reporting back on events.  We’d now like to share another exciting approach, being put together by The Brain Tumour Charity


The Brain Tumour Charity are putting together a data bank called Brain TumouR Information Analysis Network (BRIAN) which allows brain tumour patients (or their parents) to share their information with the aim of helping researchers gain insights into all types of brain tumour to help them reach a cure sooner. Click here for more information.

Why SO Exciting?

At the moment there is no official way by which the medical establishment can record miraculous stories such as that of William.  Over the years I have become aware of many patients who have had similar results to William but there isn’t one, single place where they are all officially recorded.

This data-bank could be critical to helping the research community realize just how important it is that they spend more money on researching things like Cannabinoids and the Ketogenic Diet.

Please please please Like and Share this post so that as many patients and parents with brain tumours as possible sign up to help find a cure sooner


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