BBC East Midlands – Cannabidiol Research Proposal

Ok, so this will probably be the last piece of media I’ll post from the CBD Research Proposal coverage. It has been extremely difficult being so open and I hate having put our family through it, especially after all we’ve been through, but hopefully it will help William and other children.

The total raised for the project increased by £260 since the QMC Press Release and we’re extremely grateful for all the support. Hopefully it has also helped to raise awareness as to how shockingly underfunded childhood brain tumour research is:

  • Childhood brain tumour research is difficult and complex
  • Because of this and because they are rare in comparison to other tumour types, large pharmaceutical companies don’t have a financial incentive to invest in research
  • Children can’t campaign like adults with testicular and breast cancer – they need a voice

Please help us raise Awareness and Funding by Liking and Sharing William’s Facebook Page and Donating if you haven’t already – thank you so much to those who already have – I’m genuinely not sure where we’d be without you

For those who missed it…


(The 5 in MAKE68£5 can be replaced with a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 10)

or visit



  1. Hi Stephen and Hilary,
    Thank you for keeping so many of us up to date with William’s extraordinary journey.

    Prompted by a phone conversation with Valma earlier this week, I am sending you the ABC news item link re the beginning of Senate committee hearings this week in Canberra into funding for cancer research incl brain cancer.

    I wish you all every blessing,
    I hope you have some lovely family times this summer,

    Helen Wild.
    Adelaide. South Australia.

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