At Make William Well we campaign for more research into brain tumours, in particular the effects of Cannabinoids (found in the cannabis plant) and the Ketogenic Diet both of which, we believe, played an important part in our son William’s brain tumour reduction.

We want others to have similar results and for the stigma surrounding cannabinoids, in particular, to be dissipated.  We believe this needs to be achieved using irrefutable scientific research methods.

In 2017 we proposed and helped fund a £100,000 research project at Nottingham University’s Children’s Brain Tumours Research Centre into cannabidiol, a cannabinoid more commonly known as CBD, and it’s effects on childhood brain tumours – click here for further information.

In 2019 we teamed up with The Brain Tumour Charity and set up a supporter group with them to help fund research into brain tumours which you can donate to by clicking here:

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