KD Hints and Tips

Whilst your Dietitian will provide you with all the information you need, there is much to learn and the following are a few pointers you may find useful:

  • Pay attention to ratios, i.e. the balance between Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats per meal so that you don’t go over your daily limits for each of these “macro-nutrients”
  • Limiting Proteins as well as Carbohydrates is important as too much protein can take you out of Ketosis
  • Pay attention to food labels – there are many foods which have surprisingly high levels of Carbohydrates
  • Recipes from books that call themselves “Ketogenic” may have relatively small amounts of Carbohydrate in them but may still have levels high enough to take you out of Ketosis
  • Once you’re out of Ketosis it will take time for you to get back – you can’t have a break from the diet!
  • Look out for Konjac Pasta – it’s never going to taste like regular pasta but is a useful alternative since it has no Fat, Carbs or Protein – just Fibre
  • Some artificial sweeteners are low carb but not all.  We use a brand called Hermesetas – available from Amazon. Again, its best to read the label before using any sweetner
  • Net Carbs are carbohydrates minus fibre. It’s the Net Carb limit that you need to stick to. Confusingly, UK nutritional labels list the Net Carbs figure, i.e. with the fibre already taken off
  • Most things have a low carb alternative – there’s even a low car Baking Powder we use a lot, especially in Flax Bread

For some advice on cooking, please see our KD Recipes Page