Brand Launch

We’re so excited we couldn’t keep it quite any longer… despite not having any products to sell yet, we wanted to let people know we’ve started our own company Canna Elements Ltd which we’re using to launch our very own brand of cannabis-based products. Those of you who know our story will be aware of how passionate we have been with Make William Well since 2016 in terms of fighting for more research to be carried out into non-conventional approaches such as the use of cannabinoids to treat childhood cancer.

After asking so much of our friends and family and having fundraised enough money and spread enough awareness for research projects to not only start but in some cases finish, we decided the next step in our fight for more research and awareness is for us to enter a market with which we have been so familiar over the last five years. With that in mind we’re happy to announce that £1 per product sold will go towards furthering the aims of Make William Well, supporting research into childhood cancers.

So, although we’re no longer asking for people to sponsor the hair-brained fundraising activities we have put on in recent years, what we’d really appreciate is for people to get behind our new venture – please like and share our social media posts as well as our story in general. We’d also really appreciate any feedback – on the brand or on what products you think we should be looking to sell. With your support we can take our research funding and awareness to the next level….

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