Kielder Day Out with The Brain Tumour Charity

We had an awesome time with The Brain Tumour Charity yesterday on one of their Family Days (we attended something similar in 2017 and in 2018 they took us up in a helicopter above Silverstone!)

This year William, Charlotte, Mum and Me spent the day at the Calvert Trust, Kielder and enjoyed a go at…

An indoor climbing wall (still can’t believe he managed to make it all the way to the top!)

A zip-line!!! (video to follow on Facebook…)

 A King Swing – puzzling name but you’ll understand when you see the Facebook video…


Can’t begin to say how much of an awesome organisation The Brain Tumour Charity is – aside from being so supporting to patients they’re extremely forward thinking when it comes to research (see Brains Matrix) and innovative when it comes to patients learning from other patients (see Brian) which are just some of the reasons we are so proud to be a Supporter Group

That’s also why this year we’ll be putting ourselves through hell by walking 84 miles across England along Hadrian’s Wall in just three days carrying all our own camping gear PLUS I’ll doing the Great North Run just two weeks later!

So, PLEASE make some of this pain worthwhile by sponsoring us or attending our Fundraiser in Newcastle on Bank Holiday Monday 26th August – all money raised will be spent on helping children like William with brain tumours

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