Why not join us on 26th August for last day of Challenge?

Hadrians Wall 2019

We’re so close to making clinical trials into cannabinoids and childhood brain tumours happen soon but, like in 2017, we can’t make progress like we made back then without your support

Needless to say we’re looking for donations which you can do by visiting our JustGiving Page although if you’d like to join the team, you could always take part yourself…

Some of us will be walking the full length of the wall in just three days and we’d be more than happy to have you join us

If, though, you’d just like to join us on the last day or even the last few miles (or even just for the central section on the Sunday), we’d still appreciate your support

Evan's WallEven if you can’t take part in the walk, our first business supporter will be holding one heck of a party at their Evan’s on the Wall venue (which just so happens to be at the end point of Hadrian’s Wall) especially since one of their owners will be taking part in the challenge!

The challenge will also be supported by Whitley Bay Round Table. Our local Round Table at the time was so generous when we were looking for a way to fund our first bottle of CBD and we’re grateful to have Roundtable support again

Hadrians Wall 2019

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