Wee Hero Meets His Hero


Hero’s Super Hero

When all of this started we dared not dream we’d be able to get William to Disneyland, especially with complications arising from further treatment, although thanks to some greatly appreciated generosity we arrived back from the holiday of a lifetime last week.

By far the highlight was seeing William meet his superhero Spiderman who was just awesome – he even showed him how to shoot spiderwebs…

He also managed to have a go on a rollercoaster for the first time…


He may have looked terrified although by the end he was a fan…


…although the prospect of a Buzz Lightyear was a good motivator to get him to try new things…


A trip to Disney, though, wouldn’t be complete without checking in on a couple of other characters…



And with all the excitement can I be blamed for stealing a selfie with the main man?!?


With all of the awesome rides available though, William’s favourite was the carousel which we must have taken him on about 4 times…


In all seriousness though, I’m so appreciative to Disneyland for their disabled policy – although William can walk short distances, he is otherwise confined to his oversize buggy which is in effect his wheelchair and as a result we were able to bypass many queues.  It may look to some people who have queued for a long time like they are being pushed in front of for an unjustified reason – I just hope that the people who threw dagger-eyes at us at the time never have to experience what we have…

Aside from that, William really enjoyed the rest of Frontier Land…


…getting stuck into the playgrounds…


…enjoying some of the more traditional Disney fayre…


And deciding which Lego set he would like to buy…


We were of course able to appreciate much more of what Disneyland was able to offer.  We’re just hopeful that William’s next scan, due at the end of this month, suggests that a return visit will be possible.


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