Next Steps

Turns out there was some tumour left after the surgery so the risk of radiotherapy, given that he’s already had it previously…

Anyway, we’ve now started metronomic chemotherapy which is low dosage hence has less risk of toxicity.

Still continuing our other approaches which our consultant says will be fine when given alongside the conventional treatments…

Hopeful noises coming out of Nottingham in relation to cannabidiol research – hope to be able to report something soon, perhaps some more research people can help make happen soon…

In the meantime we’re continuing to make precious memories – wee man loves planting seeds – here’s hoping my amateur gardening advice will bear fruit…

2 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. Thank you. Current treatment is more designed to keep him with us a bit longer to be honest until something else can be found. What I believe is needed is more research into THC which I don’t think Nottingham would consider.

  2. Thinking of you all, Steve, I do hope Williams’s treatment goes well. Sounds as if things are happening at Nottingham, looking forward to hearing more! Best Wishes, Mary

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