On Friday William went in to have his tumour removed for the third time in 5 years. Given how it went the second time we were terrified how he’d come out of the surgery. With where the tumour was this time, though, the surgeon was able to go in a different route and it went much better – not only was he confident they’d gotten most of it but William came out with his breathing unaided – he kept telling us to keep quiet as he came around!!!

They weren’t able to do a scan on the day so we had to wait until Monday to find out for sure how it went… The surgeon came to see us later the same day and said the scans confirmed he’d achieved what they call a Gross Total Resection. However, they achieved this 5 years ago during the first operation and with just chemo it still came back.

Next step is to see what radiotherapy (which he couldn’t have the first time since he was under 3) will be available for him – given the fact it’s on the brain stem it will be particularly risky plus since he already had radiotherapy (after the second surgery when they couldn’t get it all out) this presents an additional complication.

In the meantime we’ll work on getting him back on his feet again etc. – he’s already well on the road back to being his usual cheeky self!

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