Tumour Growth

You’d have thought that after two years we’d be used to the rollercoaster of emotions that this wicked disease brings with it but the last two weeks have been particularly difficult.

A week last Monday we were told that William’s tumour had pretty much doubled in size over the last two months having been stable for almost two years.  Without the research that we have desperately been campaigning and fundraising for we have no clue as to why this could be – perhaps the tumour has finally found a way around the CBD, perhaps it was because we weren’t adjusting the CBD dosage as he was getting older… we just don’t know.

We spent a few days trying to let the news sink in having been told initially that there were a very limited number of experimental treatments that could be available, none of which looked very promising.

To our surprise we were then told at the end of last week that surgery would in fact be an option and yesterday met with the medical team to discuss the procedure.  Given how William came out of the last attempt to remove his tumour, we were terrified about the prospect of more surgery.  Also, with his type of tumour, he would need to undergo radiotherapy again which, given where the tumour is, brings other significant risks.

The most encouraging thing we learned yesterday was the fact that the surgeon can use a slightly different approach to last time and there is a chance that William might not be as badly affected this time.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make but the surgery is set to take place two weeks today.

5 thoughts on “Tumour Growth

  1. So sorry to hear your news. Our thoughts are with you all. Your resilience will win through, your courage will take the say!

  2. I hate this news but we will definitely be praying! My daughter recently had her 5th surgery followed by her second Go with radiation. She is strong and well… Hang in there

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