Argh! What Should We Do…?

After over two years of reading, fundraising and campaigning having championed and helped fund a £100,000 research project and having seeing William’s case featured in an academic article, it’s like being straight back a square one all over again…

It was the feeling of being so helpless that inspired us to do everything we have in the hope that should his tumour start to grow again we’d have some proper answers as to what it was that shrank his tumour in the first place and what we’d be able to do should his tumour return.

However, we’re still non-the-wiser… Should we increase his CBD? Would a different source of CBD be more effective? Do we need to introduce other cannabinoids? What are genuine sources of affordable cannabinoids? ARGH – it feels like we’ve accomplished nothing over the last two plus years…

…which is why the one thing keeping us going at the moment is the prospect that the culmination of months of public awareness and government decisions surrounding medicinal cannabis may result in us having access to a dependable source of the cannabinoids and the prospect that this may lead to clinical trials happening sooner.

That’s why we started this new campaign (different to the childhood cancer petition we started a while ago) and are so passionate for cancer treatment to be discussed as a condition for which medicinal cannabis could be prescribed.  Please sign and share this petition – we only have until 4th December so please don’t put it off.


#CannaKeto #Cannabis #KetogenicDiet #MakeWilliamWell #Ependymoma

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