Big School!


3 Years Ago…

I know, I know, not another first day of school photo but occasions like this really do make you think.

Three years ago we were being told to prepare for the worst. It’s only other cancer parents who can truly understand the lows experienced getting to the point of being referred to hospice which we were a year later…

2 Years Ago…

When all else had failed we decided to try Cannabidiol (CBD) and the Ketogenic Diet and his tumour shrank by two thirds and he continues to do well.  All we can hope for now is that a) William continues like he is and b) other kids can benefit from the journey we have been through. You can help directly fund research into what appears to have helped William by clicking here and help make clinical trials into what appears to have helped William happen sooner

1 Year Ago!

No parent wants to deny their kid a chocolate bar when doctors have told them the chances of survival are low and no parents wants to consider using products based on illegal drugs.  Only through getting pre-clinical research carried out into childhood brain tumours can clinical trials be carried out and treatments like CBD and the Diet be offered on the NHS and for kids like William not to have to be mutilated by conventional treatments not even designed for them

Please help William and other kids like him by:


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