Another Stable Scan

Two years ago we were told our son William only had months left to live.  We started him on Cannabidiol and the Ketogenic Diet and his brain tumour shrank by two thirds.

We’ve just found out that his latest scan showed the tumour was stable!

Please help others benefit by signing this petition, liking and sharing.

Don’t be mislead by headlines saying cannabis is now legal for medicinal use in the UK – it is true that your doctor can apply for a licence but that is VERY different from saying it’s legal for medicinal use.

PLEASE help us keep the pressure on NOW when it’s most needed. We MAY have some political support but we need YOUR help to put our case to the Home and Health Secretaries.


#NotJustEpilepsy #MakeWilliamWell #KetogenicDiet #Cannabidiol #Ependymoma

2 thoughts on “Another Stable Scan

  1. Keep William well!!Bless him.The proof is there.There should not have to be any of these petitions when this plant can give William & others their lives back.Bless you all.My mum is fighting cancer

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