Why Support Alternative Cancer Research?

Those of you familiar with William’s story will know that after devastating set-backs during a long battle using conventional treatments to fight a grade three brain tumour, we resorted to using so-called alternative therapies – the Ketogenic Diet and Cannabidiol (CBD – a legal, non-psychoactive Cannabinoid found in Cannabis).

His tumour went on to shrink by two thirds – two years on it’s still stable and William is doing well.

However… we don’t know for sure what gave rise to the tumour shrinking and have no idea if his tumour is going to remain stable or one day continue to grow – that’s why we proposed and helped fund a £100,000 research project which is currently taking place.

However… there are still so many variables we don’t understand:

  • Was it the Diet, the CBD or a combination that helped William
  • If it was the Diet, how strictly do you have to do it (it can be extremely difficult)
  • How much CBD should we be giving William – could more cancer cells be destroyed with a higher dosage/ will he need to have more the older he gets/ will the effects wear off over time


  • Is it only certain tumor types that are susceptible to the Diet
  • Are there other elements of the cannabis plant that could help further
  • What kind of Cannabinoids are the most effective – synthetic, plant based etc.

So, back to my original question – why support Alternative Cancer Research? Well:

  1. We don’t just want to have had a couple more years with our son – we want William to live a full and happy life
  2. We want other kids to benefit from the hell William has been through and gain from our experience

It’s alright thinking that the NHS will offer the best possible treatment option to you and your loved ones if they get cancer and if these “alternatives” get through clinical trials, they’ll be available on prescription…

The problem is that it takes lots of research to get to clinical trial and, for various reasons, not everything that may kill cancer cells gets to the clinical trial phase fast enough – even if there is already a significant amount of research to show that they can kill cancer cells…

Eg cannabis – ask any cannabis researcher – there is no doubt that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC can kill cancer cells in the lab  – it is scientific FACT but only two clinical trials have ever been carried out – the latest one, published this year, showed promising results.

I have no doubt that Cannabinoids will one day be available on the NHS for cancer treatment and that the Ketogenic Diet will one day be standard practice for children with certain types of brain tumour. However, it takes time and money for the relevant research to take place in order for clinical trials to proceed… TIME – something that children with brain tumours don’t have the luxury of

By supporting Alternative Cancer Research you’ll be helping play your part in making sure that the relevant research is done sooner rather than later.  Please click here for further information.

Support doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of donations (or even dong your own sponsored event for us) – likes and shares of the altCR Facebook Page and posts go a long way to help spread awareness


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