Can You Help?

If you’re reading this, depending upon how long you’ve been following William’s journey, you’ve likely already donated to or raised money for at least one of our campaigns, events etc. over the last few years…

However, I’m now asking for a little bit more than donations – I’d like you to think about whether you’d be interested in helping with Alternative Cancer Research. I’ve no need to point out why what we’re trying to achieve means so much to us…

What I’d really appreciate is a little bit of extra time and support from those of you who’d like to see Alternative Cancer Research fund projects that are going to help William and kids like him…

Please get in contact if you’d be interested in helping out – I’m not asking for hours of your time by any means – just a bit of time helping out with social media etc is all I’m asking….

If you are interested in helping out, please visit the following link to join a private Facebook Group for Alternative Cancer Research (altCR):

#altCr #MakeWilliamWell #Cannabidiol #Cannabis #Ependymoma #Cancer #KetogenicDiet

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