Alternative Cancer Research

I wrote last year about setting up Alternative Cancer Research (altCR) and to be honest I haven’t really done much with it since then… until now…

I had been waiting for research proposals to be in place prior to fundraising for specific projects (like with the CBD Project) although this takes a long time and children with brain tumours like William do not have the luxury of time so I’ve made the decision to push ahead with fundraising anyway…

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the first two areas I am focussing on are Cannabis and the Ketogenic Diet.

Whilst William is continuing to do well it is all to easy to try and just sit back, enjoy life and forget what we have been through.  The truth is that I don’t know for sure whether it was the Diet, the CBD or both put William where he is today and nor do any of the experts.  All I do know is that more research is desperately needed…

With further research I’m confident that others will benefit from what we have been through so I’m asking anyone reading this to please consider supporting us however you can – be it through liking and sharing our altCR Facebook Page, making a donation or even setting up your own fundraising page using one of the links below.

I know there are tons of cancer charities out there but by supporting one of the altCR projects below you will know exactly where your money is going, plus I firmly believe that you will be directly helping William and other kids like him.

The Cannabis and Cancer Campaign

The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer Campaign

#altCR #MakeWilliamWell #Cannabis #KetogenicDiet #Ependymoma #Cancer


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