Scan Results

It’s coming up to two years since we started William on CBD and the Ketogenic Diet and his latest scan has come back as stable – well over a year after the initial 2/3 reduction

I’d just like to say a huge Thank You to everyone for your support – not only in helping William but also by enabling the CBD Research Project to go ahead and generate greater awareness so that more people can benefit from Williams journey

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3 thoughts on “Scan Results

  1. We live in Southern California and my 8yr old daughter had golf ball size tumor 98% removed March 2017. We started her on 20 to 1(CBD/THC) oil 3xday 30 days post surgery. It’s been 1yr and 2months since her Anaplastic Ependymoma diagnosis. She didn’t use any other medication other than cannabis oil. All 3month brain/spine scans have been CLEAR/No tumor regrowth since then. Thank you Lord Jesus!! She handles oil, school and basketball very well. She’s mostly organic plant based diet and Myriam’s Hope CBD, THCA, and THC OILS 3xday here California. She did undergo 6wks of radiation July 2017. Praying for William and all our children fighting this disease.

  2. We only give CBD – there’s evidence to suggest intermittent dosing of CBD can lead to cancer cell death. We give for 3 days then have a 3 day break before starting again. With regard to the diet, I believe there’s an organisation in America called The Max Love Project that can offer support but you’re right, it can be difficult. You can email me at if there’s anything else I can help with.

  3. So happy that your son is doing well. My son is 12 and has been fighting ependymoma for 3 yrs now . We are in Miami and started the ketogenic trial . He’s finding it very hard . I’m trying to find recipes that will make it easier. He also takes cbd/ thc oil . I was wondering what is the ratio of cbd/thc , you give your son . I’m curious just to see if I should be giving my son more or if we’re on the right track . Thank you , stephanie

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