It’s nearly that time again – William has another 3 montly MRI scan this week.


Scanxiety is a term I’d never heard of before William’s diagnosis but it pretty well sums up the period up to the scan and then until we we get the results.

Once one scan is out of the way, assuming it doesn’t indicate bad news, you get a brief period of respite. This is gradually eroded as you spend the next few weeks and months becoming more and more anxious about the next scan…

Headaches, stumbles, tiredness or any other signs you associate with tumour progression fill you with dread… horrific memories of previous treatments/ prognoses flash back…

Thankfully William is sedated for the process itself. Goodness knows how much more stressful it would be for us all if he wasn’t!

We are also thankful of the fact that, on account of where he’s having this scan, we’re being told of the results on the same day as the scan – a VERY welcome shortening of the scanxiety period…

#MakeWilliamWell #Cannabidiol #Ketogenic #Scanxiety

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