New School

It has been a busy month moving to a different part of the country hence the lack of posts but it all started with the good news of another stable scan. William has gone on to settle well into his new school and we have finally moved into a new house!

As well as to keep people informed of William’s progress, the purpose of this blog is to try and help other children in a similar situation to William. I firmly believe that the only reason William is still alive is due to the Ketogenic Diet and Cannabidiol we put him on after doctors told us that William would only have a few months left to live (over a year and a half ago)…

Being honest and open about what we are doing has never been easy. Although the research into CBD that we advocated is now being undertaken, it will take years before anything comes of it

The more people who are aware of William’s story, the greater the number of children that may benefit so please consider liking and sharing etc. this and subsequent blog posts so that we can reach as many people as possible…

#makewilliamwell #childhood_cancer #ependymoma #CBD #cannabis #ketogenic_diet

2 thoughts on “New School

  1. This is fantastic news and the continued progress is so encouraging for others in Williams position. You should take great comfort in making the right decisions and choices for your family and I wish you continued success on your family’s journey. All the best for the future. Xx

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