William the KetoStar

Matthew’s Friends were instrumental in getting William on the Ketogenic Diet and have been a trusted source of advice ever since – it’s hard to believe it has been almost 18 months since he started it alongside the CBD.

We, especially William, were delighted to receive this certificate in recognition of how well he is managing full time school.

More research is still needed so that parents can be confident that going down this difficult route is worth it – no parent wants to deprive their child of treats, especially once they’ve been given a poor prognosis…

Please keep an eye on our new website www.altcr.org where we hope soon to give details on how you can make sure that persuasive research is published, giving parents this much needed confidence.

#matthewsfriends #altCR #makewilliamwell #ependymoma

2 thoughts on “William the KetoStar

  1. As a TA at William’s school, I can 100% say that he has been a delight to teach. His enthusiasm, concentration and positive attitude to learning has made him a model pupil in his daily phonics sessions. It’s lovely to see him getting recognition for his efforts, keep up the hard work William! 😊

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