Super William’s Stable Scan

It has been a year now since William’s tumour was found to have shrank by two thirds and we’re delighted to be able to report that his latest scan was found to be stable again!

In the three months since his last scan we have faced a couple of difficult issues…

The high tone hearing in his good ear was found to have been reduced to the point whereby he has had to be fitted with a hearing aid, and…

On two occasions he has been admitted to A&E with breathing difficulties which we thought might lead to the reintroduction of his tracheostomy.

Our wee man just keeps battling on through though, which gives us time to focus on trying to help others benefit from what we’ve been through – please visit to see what we’re currently doing to try and help…

As always, likes, follows and shares are always appreciated – the more people who are aware of what we are doing, the more other children can benefit

#altcr #ependymoma #childhood #cancer

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