Our New Alternative Cancer Research Charity*

Conventional cancer treatments are effective in some cases. However, after all we have been through, we are more confident than ever about the potential of alternative cancer therapies

We are also all too well aware of:

a) how little funding is directed towards brain tumour research, in particular those affecting children

b) the shockingly disproportionate number of treatments available for adult as opposed to childhood cancers

c) how few treatments are available outside of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, each of which can cause significant harm

As such, we have decided to set up altCR (Alternative Cancer Research) with the aim of funding research into alternative therapies that show potential as being treatments for cancer

Since research into them is so significantly underfunded, the research projects we fund will primarily be focussed on childhood brain tumours

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we have chosen September to launch altCR – PLEASE Like, Follow and Share our Facebook Page and help spread awareness of our mission

#altCR #makewilliamwell #ependymoma

*we’re not a registered charity although as soon as we are eligible we will apply for charitable status

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