Stable Scan

We found out this week that William’s tumour has stayed the same size in comparison to two months ago. He continues to confound us all and is making steady progress with his walking etc. We’re continuing to take one day at a time and enjoy days out together like this trip out to Sherwood Pines #GruffaloSpotters

3 thoughts on “Stable Scan

  1. David,

    So pleased you’re son is now doing well. Totally understand how you feel about the scan – only parents going through this will have any idea how stressful it is.

    Can’t tell you how much it means that my posts have given you hope. It was a hard decision to make our use of CBD public but if just one child benefits then it’ll have been worth it.


  2. Hi Stephen, I’ve just found your blog through Ependyparents on FB.
    First of all, your son is lovely and I really admire the fact that you’ve not given up after all the setbacks. Unfortunately our little boy is also fighting against ependy since 2014, he’s fine now (after a relapse/surgery/protons last year), but we know it can relapse again any time.
    Also thanks for sharing the info about diet and cbd: we’ll have a scan in the next few weeks and i’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but your posts give me hope.
    Take care.

  3. I hope William had a lovely day. Stay strong as a family and I am sure he will grow stronger every day and before you know it he’ll be at Uni and driving you all bonkers xxxxx

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