Cautiously Optomistic

Although a large part of me is extremely reticent to write this post since there is by no means the suggestion of an end to what we are going through and although we thought such news would be welcome, the amount of stress we still are under makes it difficult for us to spread word of what, on the one hand is good news but at the same time brings a whole new set of worries. That said, given the extraordinary amount of support we have been given, we felt we had to let people know, especially if it helps another family in our situation…

We had some MRI results through a few days ago after William’s medical team suggested a scan further to him recently showing some signs of improvement.  As above, we can’t bare to be overly optimistic but the scan showed a reduction in the size of his tumour.

Although we have been looking into other alternative therapies, it is believed that the reduction is due to the Ketogenic Diet we put William on several months ago at around the time his last round of chemotherapy was ending.

We’re still not sure what exactly all of this means with regard to the future although all we can be at the moment is cautiously optomistic. We’re desperate to hope for the best but daren’t expect that this will just be another ‘up’ on the rollercoaster of emotions we have been riding.

We have not felt able to post too many updates recently for reasons I hope everyone will understand although I would like to thank, as well as When You Wish Upon A Star, a couple of other outstanding charities that helped to make the past few months so memorable – The Sam White Legacy and Luna’s Little Stars.

3 thoughts on “Cautiously Optomistic

  1. I hope this is a continuous up. William has been through too much for such a young boy, you all have. Thinking of you all and sending lots of love xxxxx

  2. Thinking & praying for you all at this time ….
    step forward into the future with hope and enjoy each day together ,
    All our love
    Cilla & Dave x X X

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