Our Gorgeous Boy


In addition to the price this awful disease will ultimately demand, there are so many other attributes that are gradually robbed of those whom it consumes.

This image is one that will touch us forever – it is from a time when we still had hope that William would overcome the overwhelming odds that were stacked against him, a time during which we were naïve enough to hope that optimism would overcome statistics, faith would shatter reality and that somehow those who peddled pessimism would be proved wrong.

Regardless, this is the face we choose to remember as that of our gorgeous boy – the face of a boy who survived brain surgery and 9 months of chemotherapy to enjoy several months of normality before the vile disease returned to wreak its devastation and slowly take apart, piece by piece, a child who had done nothing to warrant its destruction.

As the son of a priest I was predestined to believe that God has a plan – it is difficult beyond belief to consider anything other than malevolence as being the impetus of a plan any deity would contemplate when looking at the reality of what we are all going through.

2 thoughts on “Our Gorgeous Boy

  1. Hi. Thank you for your messages. There are no words to describe how much I wish there was something anyone could do to help. We have had so much support trying to find another treatment option although, as difficult as it is to come to terms with, all that’s left is precious time

  2. Just wanted to let you know that although I don’t know you or William I am thinking about you and William has really touched my heart. X

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