Mr Tumble!

Thanks to When You Wish Upon A Star and Make A Wish, William was today treated to an afternoon with CBeebies’ Mr. Tumble at the Madejski Stadium, Reading

As Mr Tumble came into the room we got our first excited smile…

2016-02-09 12.07.02

He then introduced himself to each of the 15 children, including William who had come with their families where we were sat in a circle around him

2016-02-09 12.07.33

Alongside songs like Music Man and Old MacDonald we were treated to character impressions from his various shows such as Aunt Polly and Lord Tumble plus Keith Fit and Gale Force

Afterwards each of the families were invited in to see Mr Tumble where an impression of Grampa Tumble won William over


We had a quick photo of the four of us…


…before I decided to be a bit cheeky and asked for a selfie!

2016-02-09 13.28.02

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