Looking Forward to Christmas

It has now been a month since William finished his radiotherapy and to mark this milestone I just wanted to post a quick note on how thing’s are going.

To start off, William in himself has continued to display the drive and tenacity that we have now come to expect.  In terms of walking and talking we’re so pleased to be getting our little lad back and his determination is phenomenal – he has the confidence to tackle things even we didn’t think he was ready for…


The aftereffects of the surgery and radiotherapy are still ever-present and in addition to still having his tracheostomy etc., episodes of sickness and other effects are still proving to be a challenge.

Despite everything we are continuing to remain hopeful that the radiotherapy has been successful.  His first scan since the end of this treatment is scheduled for early January and although it is not possible to describe our apprehension, we are determined to make sure he has the best possible Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Christmas

  1. Stephen I will you and your family well and sincerest wishes for a positive outcome in January. All the best for 2016. Joyce Taylor

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  2. Well done William… We are all pleased you are doing so well! Have a lovely Christmas .
    Love n hugs ….. Cilla & Dave X X X

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